Casual Style for the Office, Inspiration to Change Your Appearance from Stiff Outfits

Casual office style can be a different attraction in the world of fashion. Even though the office is synonymous with a formal or semi-formal atmosphere, there is no problem wearing casual clothes.

Especially for women, fashion is something that never goes unnoticed. Whether it’s fashion for going to the office, going for a walk, even everyday outfits.

When it comes to office work, the impression of hard work can arise from clothing and appearance. Nowadays, quite a few offices allow their employees to wear casual clothes.

Even so, there must be an element of politeness and formality even though it is not dominant. Surely you still want to look stylish when working in the office, right?

Fashionable casual style inspiration for the office

Polite and neat office attire is not limited to trousers and shirts. You can also wear a casual style for your appearance at work.

You can apply it according to your taste. These various office-style casual styles are very easy for you to apply. So that you or your co-workers don’t get bored of seeing the same appearance.

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However, be careful, combining the wrong clothes can cause you to lose your style. Surely, you don’t want that to be true, right? Come on, take a look at the inspiration for casual office attire below.

1. Feminine Casual Style

Interested in working with a more feminine appearance than usual? The casual style is here to offer many types of clothing for the office. One of them is a plain black dress.

Apart from being simple, this black dress will give you an elegant touch. Pairing it with several accessories such as a bag and footwear in the same color will make you look attractive while working. You can also wear it to formal events after leaving the office.

The next feminine casual that you can try is a flared skirt. No problem for office outfits, this flared skirt will not lose its polite impression.

For perfect results, combine it with a denim shirt with a bright colored flared skirt. Your casual office clothing style will be even more charming.

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2. Casual style with outer

Outer is outerwear that never goes wrong with any outfit. Because there are many kinds of outerwear, from jackets, cardigans, sweaters to hoodies.

For a casual style for the office that displays an edgy impression, you choose a leather jacket as an outer garment. Wear this outfit on days close to the weekend like Friday.

Pair a leather jacket with dark colored lightweight pants that have a striped pattern. This outfit will guarantee your comfortable performance all day at the office.

Apart from jackets, you can try wearing a blazer or cardigan when you go to the office. A blazer in a soft color will be very chic if you combine it with a white collared shirt and black office trousers as the bottom.

As for cardigans, you can wear them as an outer layer for your usual office shirt. Compared to other casual styles, this style is one that looks simple and simple but still has a relaxed impression.

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3. With a V-Neck Blouse

Bored with collared shirts, you can outsmart it with a V-neck Blouse. It doesn’t have to be plain, patterns like stripes won’t make your office clothing look stiff.

This casual style is perfect if you combine it with black trousers and matching colored heels. This outfit will not fail to make you look relaxed but trendy.

4. Casual style with culottes

On the rise in recent years, you can’t miss culottes as an outfit for the office with a casual style. The match is also very easy to find.

With a striped or plain patterned shirt top, you can make your appearance far from boring. Wearing a top such as a dark cardigan or sweater is also fine.

5. Jumpsuit with various colors

Jumpsuits line up the ranks of casual office styles that you must try. Like career women, wearing a jumpsuit as a work outfit does not bring a chic appearance to the wearer.

To avoid boredom, you can collect more model and color variants of this jumpsuit. Don’t forget to add short heels for the perfect elegant appearance.

6. One Piece Dress

Going to the office in a casual style but don’t want to lose the sweet impression in your appearance? Just choose a one piece dress. It doesn’t always have to be a dress without a pattern, aka plain.

You can choose a collared dress with connected sleeves to transform your appearance. Add additional accessories with other accessories, such as a necklace in a matching color or high heels to make it look even more stylish.

Hopefully this casual style inspiration for the office can help you change your appearance. Going to the office in a relaxed style is of course allowed, as long as it doesn’t reduce your polite impression. (R10/HR-Online)