Fashion Dreamer’s Free Winter Collection Update Unfolds On Switch Next Week

We found that there was some fun to be had in the Switch-exclusive title Fashion Dreamer when it hit the console catwalk earlier this month, although we felt that it was very much lacking in depth at the time of launch. It looks like more content is on the horizon, however, as publisher Marvelous Europe has today revealed a first look at the upcoming Winter Collection Update, which is heading our way on 5th December.

Bringing the game up to ver. 1.2, this free update will pack in fresh items, clothing patterns, features and a collaboration with Japanese magazine, Ciào.

Many of these newbies will be obtainable through a ‘Limited Time Fair’ feature, which will see your prospective influencer given a set of monthly objectives to complete if you want to pick up all of the available rewards. Changes are also coming to how you remember outfits on the long run, with the ‘Muse Notebook’ storing looks for future creations.

Marvelous provided the following summary of what the update will entail:

The Winter Update will introduce new patterns, Muse parts, showroom furniture and photo frames, growing the wardrobe available to Muses as they find their freshest fits and show off their unique styles in the showroom. Some of these new looks are available through the Limited Time Fair, a free in-game system to support every influencer in Eve with a fresh set of objectives for them to complete each month, earning them useful items and patterns. Designed with approachable objectives respecting players’ time, the first Limited Time Fair features a Fantasy theme with nearly two dozen items in a butterfly dream motif. Designers will also be able to explore the all-new Muse Notebook, an in-game journal that will record players’ memories of the Muses they’ve met in-game in case they’d like to look back for inspiration from past encounters; and the Lookbook, where players can save and name their favorite outfits for a quick change of clothing or to share with followers. Finally, all Muses will receive a T-shirt made in collaboration with ‘Naisho No Lily’ (written by Fujita Hasumi), which is being serialized in Ciào Deluxe; and ‘Shining!’ (written by Nao Maita), which is being serialized in Ciào’s main magazine; and a Photo Egg frame made in collaboration with Ciào.

The publisher also confirmed that more free updates will be coming to the game in 2024, although no specific dates have been revealed for the moment.

Whether these added features will be enough to give Fashion Dreamer some much-needed depth (we reckon that it is still a way behind the Style Savvy series in this regard) remains to be seen, but at least we can pick this one up for free.