Malaika Arora gives a sense of what get-togethers with her girl gang look like: ‘Each of us brings our own unique energy to the party’ | Lifestyle News

mAlaika Arora may like to call herself a “wanderer in the world of fitness, fashion, and food”, but for us, she is the ultimate inspiration when it comes to these three things.

After all, she is who we look up to when it comes to fitness (you too might once you see her acing those yoga asanas to a T). She is the ultimate fashionista (there is no outfit that she cannot pull off), and despite being strict about what she eats, Arora knows how to enjoy her favorite foods “guilt-free”.

So, when we got the chance to ask her some questions, we had to ask her about the above-mentioned, and also her girl gang and their get-togethers. Graciously, she answered about all this and much more. Read the edited excerpts below:

Q. Over the years, you have become the ultimate fitness icon who keeps motivating others to push themselves. How do you describe your fitness mantra?

Malaika Arora: My fitness mantra revolves around consistency, balance, and listening to my body. I believe in a holistic approach to fitness, incorporating various forms of exercise such as yogastrength training, and dance to stay strong, flexible, and energized.

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Q. How has your approach to fitness changed over the years? When and how did it become such an integral part of your life?

Malaika Arora: My approach to fitness has evolved significantly over the years. Initially, the focus was purely on flexibility and endurance for those long performances. But as I matured, I started appreciating the mind-body connection more. Fitness becomes less about looking a certain way and more about feeling strong and energized from the inside out. Fitness has become an integral part of my lifestyle, helping me maintain physical and mental well-being.

Q. But you also treat yourself to your favorite foods — glimpses of which you share on social media. How do you strike this balance?

Malaika Arora: Balancing indulgence with healthy choices is key for me. I believe in enjoying my favorite foods in moderation while prioritizing nutrient-rich meals that fuel my body. It’s all about finding the right balance that works for me.

Q. As such, what is your ultimate cheat meal?

Malaika Arora: My ultimate cheat meal would have to be a classic indulgence like pizza or pasta, accompanied by a decadent dessert like chocolate cake or cheesecake. It’s all about treating myself occasionally and enjoying every bite guilt-free.

Q. However, it’s not just fitness. You are a bona fide fashionista, too. What does style mean to you? What are the dos and don’ts you stick to?

Malaika Arora: Style, to me, is a form of self-expression and confidence. It’s about feeling comfortable and empowered in what I wear. My style does include experimenting with trends, embracing versatility, and accessorizing thoughtfully, while I don’t involve following fashion blindly and compromising on comfort.

Q. Tell us about your fashion brand, and the collection that you showcased at the sixth edition of Godrej L’Affaire.

Malaika Arora: At The Label Life, our brand value is centered around elevating wardrobe essentials for everyday smart dressing. Hence, when Godrej L’Affaire approached me for the runway showcase of our collection, I thought it would be the best strategic collaboration for us. With the evening bringing together like-minded brands and the right audience — from KOLs to content creators, from CXOs to working professionals — it was an amazing experience to showcase our Spring Summer 2024 collection featuring versatile looks for various occasions, including picnics, parties, and office wear. Directed and choreographed by the talented Shie Lobo, the event was a celebration of style and creativity. I was excited to present show-stopping moments curated by Vahbiz Mehta, showcasing the versatility and glamor of ‘The Label Life’ collection on the runway. It was a fusion of style, luxury, and sophistication at Godrej L’Affaire 2024.

Q. You are extremely active on social media — a platform that is widely known for its perils. How do you keep away the hate, so that it doesn’t affect your mental peace?

Malaika Arora: Social media can be a double-edged sword, but I choose to focus on positivity and authenticity. I surround myself with love and support from my followers, and I don’t let negativity affect my mental peace. It’s all about staying true to myself and spreading positivity.

Q. We want to know what get-togethers with your girl gang consisting of Karisma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and your sister Amrita Arora look like. Allow us a lesser-known detail: who is the party animal here?

Malaika Arora: Get-togethers with my girl gang are always filled with laughter, love, and good vibes. While each of us brings our own unique energy to the party, I’d say we all know how to have a great time together. As for the party animal, well, let’s just say we all had our moments!

Q. Your resolution for the rest of 2024 is…

Malaika Arora: My resolution for 2024 is to continue prioritizing self-care, growth, and gratitude. I want to focus on nurturing my relationships, pursuing my passions, and embracing new opportunities with an open heart and mind.

Q. One thing, not many people know about you.

Malaika Arora: One thing not many people know about me is that I’m a big fan of adventure sports and outdoor activities. I love exploring nature, trying new adrenaline-pumping experiences, and pushing my limits whenever I get the chance.