Mix and match casual shoes at various occasions

Liputan6.com, Jakarta When it comes to appearance, it’s a good idea to not just pay attention mix and match between one outfits with outfits other. Never ignore another important element, namely comfort.

Speaking of comfort, the shoes you wear must be comfortable. That’s why, not infrequently, many people choose sneakers or casual shoes to complement his style.

Well, actually there is no special standard for wearing casual shoes. At various moments, you can mix and match sneakers with the clothes you have, as follows:

Stay relaxed and beautiful even when wearing a dress

Women always want to look beautiful on various occasions, including again hang out The same bestie. Usually, if any more hang out, we don’t just sit and relax in cafes, there are moments where the women spend time going around the mall shopping together. If you use it sneakers like Reebok classicsurely your activities all day outdoors will be more comfortable and less sore.

Mix and Match Blazers with Sneakers When Going to the Office

Now, the majority of companies allow their employees to determine what clothes to wear to the office. You don’t always have to use it heels or flat shoes, fashion items like casual shoes or sneakers can also be used. When you go to work or want to meetingyou can mix and match a plain black blazer with sneakers white, like Original Adidas Shoes to give you more of a look edgy.

Wear Sneakers at the Wedding

Wearing sneakers like Converse shoes on your wedding day has become a trend for the last few years. If you still remember, a number of Indonesian celebrities such as Chelsea Olivia & Glenn Alinskie, Petra Sihombing & Firrina Sinatrya wore sneakers on their wedding day. Beautiful bridal attire with sneakers keeps your appearance elegant.

For those of you who want to try new things at special moments, don’t hesitate to use it sneakers. That way, you will be free to move towards the invited guests at the moment mingle time.