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Glimpses from the Veolia Houston Open

Glimpses from the Veolia Houston Open

Photo : X/PPAtour

The Veolia Houston Opena top competition on the PPA Tour, gained attention not only for the exciting pickleball matches but also for the impressive fashion choices of the players.

Ava Ignatowich

Ava appeared incredibly cute in the sky-blue pleated tennis skirt and white tank top. It’s a color combination that remains timeless and looks good on all individuals. She is someone to keep an eye on for fashion ideas.

Jack Foster

Jack Foster’s unexpected entrance caused a stir in the men’s division. Foster sported a colour-blocked polo shirt while playing singles, a new style choice for the match. Teamed with black shorts and white shoes, the entire ensemble demonstrated how professional men can appear stylish in a competitive setting.

Lucy Kovalova and Callie Smith

Lucy Kovalova and Callie Smith, a strong team in the sport, can always appear incredibly stylish whenever they play on the court. Their clothing is beautifully matched in colors. They chose a vibrant green color that made a bold statement for the Veolia Houston Open.

Hurricane Tyra Black

I don’t blame Black for her love of incorporating mesh components into her looks. Black stands out because no one else is dressed like this. It gives off a feminine, sporty, and youthful look. She always does well in the fashion division in competitions.

Jack Munro

Jack Munro was another man who was included on the list. The bold decision to wear a patterned shirt and shorts was balanced out by the neutral black and gray pattern, preventing the outfit from being too overwhelming.

Camila Zilveti

Camila Zilveti, a recent addition to the list, opted for a straightforward, traditional ensemble. Zilveti looked stylish in a white tennis skirt, black V-neck tank top, and white visor. The introduction of two braids showcased a fresh hairstyle trend outside of the court as well.

The Veolia Houston Open has some of the top styles in professional pickleball attire. From traditional looks to innovative new styles, the athletes displayed their fashion flair, bringing an extra element of thrill to the competition.