Shropshire: Oswestry fashion designer on ‘accidental’ career

Care Johnson is 30 with a nine-year-old son who is disabled and a five-year-old girl, a former photographer and now fashion designer.

She began experimenting with making dresses for her daughter at the start of lockdown in 2020 when she found herself limited and unable to get out to take pictures.


And now she has opened up a whole new career for herself in fashion and fashion shows, starting with Oswestry’s own Miss Galaxy.

She said: “I had never seen before lockdown.

“The first time I threaded a needle was three years ago – I saw that everyone was taking up new hobbies and it was difficult to do hobbies in-house.

“I got old bedsheets and made dresses for my daughter and it went from there.

“I was hoping to resume studying for my access course to become a midwife so I filled my time with it.

“I’ve been an upscaling queen and I found the challenge enjoyable.

“I’ve always been creative and self-employed – I’m an introvert and wouldn’t thrive in a normal office environment.

“You can go as far as you want when you’re self-employed and I can transfer my photography skills too.

“Last Saturday, I took part in my first fashion show – I’ve done competitions and stage wear for others like April – but I think I will do more, especially as I’m booked into Liverpool Fashion Week.

“I’ve definitely found my calling now.”

Care added that she learns new skills quickly and can become adequate at them in a short space of time, and said that youth remains on her side.

She added: “you can push yourself further because you have the confidence to do it.

“A lot of people who know my journey know how much of a struggle it has cared for my son so I can use this as a release from those commitments.

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“I can use it for my energy – a lot of people have asked me how I’ve done it but it’s become second nature.

“This isn’t a full-time job as my son needs a lot of caring but the industry is massive and I’ve spent two years making custom wear.”

Care, who is applying for the Great British Sewing Bee, took part in her first fashion show in Greater Manchester last weekend, where she was able to raise £800 for the charity Shine.