Smart Casual Fashion Inspiration for Career Women, Come on, Take a Look!

For workers, appearance is one of the most important things. Because, that style alone will certainly make you bored. Moreover, if you prefer to appear with a good appearance casual.

You can also apply this casual style to the work environment. For example, style smart casual. This style is a relaxed and informal clothing style combined with an impression smart like a professional appearance when in the work environment.

So, for those of you who want to try the style smart casualbelow we will give you some style ideas.

1. Brilliant blazer and dresses white

If you want to appear in style smart Elegant women’s casual, you can try combining a brightly colored blazer with dresses white. You can choose the blazer itself with cuts vintage with a big button dialect.

Then for the shoes, you can apply heels with neutral colors that don’t clash with colors dresses and the blazer you wear. To be more elegant, you can tie your hair in a ponytail.

2. Dresses and high heels

For those of you who like to look feminine with a concept smart casualyou can try applying it dresses combined with high heels. You also have to be accurate in choosing dresses and avoid examples that are too open, especially if they are not combined together outerwear.

For those of you who want to hold meetings outside the office, you can try applying it dresses relaxed atmosphere. Match it together too high heels appropriate to dresses you guys.

3. Blazer with matching bottoms

So that you appear in style smart casual women, you can combine a blazer or coat the length you have. Blazer or coat ie outer really versatile so it’s suitable for you to use at all occasions.

4. Shirts and pencil skirts

Pencil skirts are almost always a mainstay for every woman who wants to look professional in office attire. However, if you don’t want to look too stiff, you can choose a patterned pencil skirt.

To be equal, combine it with a plain shirt of the same color. A black shirt could be one suggestion outfits smart casual you guys. Select ingredients twistcone with the example of the collar v-neck so that it makes your neck look longer.

5. Blazer and trousers jeans

Combining a blazer and trousers jeans is an ideal alternative for those of you who have a lot of busy activities outside. This appearance can not only be applied to formal events but you can also apply it to semi to non-formal events. To complete it, use it anyway sneakers or flatshoes so it’s more catchy also trendy.

So, still confused about what style to wear to the office tomorrow? Hopefully the 5 recommendations for dressing styles above can be one of your ‘office’ fashion ideas!