Inspiration for Mix and Match with a Casual Style Theme, Try a Cultural Appearance Wearing Jeans and Heels – Until now, thousands of fashion style trends have been created which come and go along with everyone’s fashion journey. If many people are following the latest trends, there’s no harm in creating your own fashion trend.

There are various fashion trends that accompany society along with the times. Starting from trends that elevate clothing styles such as casual, formal or vintage, color trends such as monochrome, pastel and various other colors to trends in clothing techniques such as layering and oversized. Fashion terms which ultimately become trends that are popular with society will continue to emerge and offer opportunities for every individual to be creative.

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This is because fashion is a stage for everyone to be able to create, play with textures, colors, clothing cuts and accessories in order to present your best image. As an infinite canvas, fashion can always be a forum for us to express our creativity in telling the values ​​we hold dear.

Seeing the dynamic movement of fashion trends that continues to take place, Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival presents a variety of product choices that can meet your needs according to your individual preferences!

Check out the following inspirational tips for mix and match with a casual style theme:

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Relaxed and comfortable everyday with casual style

Casual style is a type of style that is relaxed, comfortable, and not too formal. Those who adopt this style tend to choose clothes that are uncomplicated and easy to combine. The casual style is suitable to accompany daily activities, such as walking, casual meetings, or hanging out with relatives. For men who want to look casual, you can combine jeans from Levis with a plain t-shirt. Also add a trucker jacket from Levis to add a masculine impression. For those of you who are women, you can wear loose denim or baggy jeans from Jiniso. Don’t forget to wear flat sandals or flat shoes from Katakita to add comfort to all your activities!

Look cool with streetwear style

Streetwear style is inspired by urban culture and urban streets. Streetwear is usually synonymous with comfortable and striking clothing with creative designs. This style is often identified with colorful accents and details, as well as elements from pop culture. To create a cool streetwear look, wear a t-shirt or shirt with unique graphics from Tenue De Attire. Add trendy sneakers or shoes from Asics to add a touch of street pop culture. For you women who want to look streetwear, you can also look cultural by wearing cargo pants from Jiniso.

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Always neat and simple with a minimalist style

Minimalist style is all about simplicity and a neat appearance. Those who adopt this style tend to choose clothes in neutral colors such as white, black, gray and nude. This style emphasizes cleanliness, neat clothing cuts, and minimal accessories. For a clean and elegant look, combine a neutral colored top such as a shirt or polo shirt with simple black Parisian pants from Tenue de Attire which presents a variety of the best suits for men and women. To make your minimalist style neater when carrying luggage, use various bag variants, such as backpacks, tote bags, and even laptop bags from Export Bag.

Stunning and captivating attention with elegant style

The next fashion style is elegant, this style emphasizes the nuances of an elegant, neat and classy appearance. This style is suitable for formal events such as galas, parties, or other formal events. Elegant style often pays special attention to details, such as the right cut of clothing, high-quality materials, and matching accessories. You can wear a dark colored dress with accessories without flashy colors. Heels from Katakita that match your dress. Also make sure to bring a bag or pouch that matches the color of the dress from Enji by Palomino. For those of you who wear the hijab, you can really emphasize your elegant impression by wearing various scarf variants from Diario.

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So, have you got inspiration for your fashion style? Come on, create the fashion style of your choice with quality brands in the Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival campaign. Available until 10 October, Shopee will present a series of interactive shopping experiences and attractive offers from various well-known and trusted brands to accompany users to find their best style on a more colorful fashion journey, including every day Super Brand Day, Shopee Live All 50% Discounts , and Free Shipping IDR 0.

Daniel Minardi, Head of Brands Management & Digital Products Shopee Indonesia, said “Shopee is committed to always being a friend on users’ fashion journey, by offering various fashion products from the best brands, whose authenticity is guaranteed. We are very happy to be able to collaborate with various trusted brands in presenting more collections of fashion products that can create a variety of the latest fashion trends. Shopee understands that fashion is one of the best ways to express oneself, for this reason we always try to help users make it happen by bringing a wide selection of the latest fashion styles to answer various needs and preferences. “Hopefully users can find the best fashion styles throughout the Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival campaign with the best online shopping experience.” ***