The meaning of Smart Casual and how to dress for men and women


The smart casual style is a choice of clothing that is relaxed and trendy, but also formal and neat. This clothing choice can be said to be suitable for various occasions and situations.

With the right mix and match, your appearance will look professional and stylish. This look is suitable for use when working, gathering with friends and family, and at semi-formal events.

What is Smart Casual?

Smart casual is a clothing style that combines casual and formal. According to Prime Magazine, this clothing displays an impression that is less formal but more classy than everyday clothing.



Quoting Forbes, smart casual can also be said to be a clothing style that combines trendy and classic clothing. This style can display a professional image, but the user still feels comfortable.

Smart Casual Dress Style for Men

The ideal smart casual look combines formal and informal clothing. Quoting Indeed, the following are examples of smart casual clothing choices for men.

1. Trousers

In a smart casual dressing style, one of the trousers you can choose is non-ripped denim jeans. Jeans provide a classic look that suits a variety of situations. Dark colors are suitable for a smart casual look.

Apart from that, you can also choose chinos or casual cotton trousers in dark blue or brown. Chino pants can also be combined with various clothing styles.

2. Shirt

Options for smart casual style are button-down shirts with short or long sleeves, henley shirts, and classic T-shirts. You can choose a classic polo T-shirt or one without a picture.

3. Jackets and Blazers

Outer jackets and blazers are the right choice for formal and informal events. For a smart casual style, it is best to choose dark colors. Don’t forget, choose a blazer that is comfortable to wear for indoor or outdoor moments.

4. Shoes and Accessories

Shoes that are suitable for smart casual style are oxfords, or loafers for a more formal look. Meanwhile, for a more relaxed look, you can choose leather trainers.

You can complete your smart casual look with a leather belt and watch. To make it more attractive, match the color of the belt and shoes.

Smart Casual Dress Style for Women

Women can also wear a smart casual style with a variety of clothing choices. For example, a blouse combined with the right trousers or skirt, or a dress.

1. Trousers and Skirts

For a smart casual style, you can choose chinos or long denim pants. These bottoms work well with a structured jacket or blouse, for a comfortable and neat look.

If you want to wear a skirt for a smart casual style, you can choose one that is below the knee. This skirt should be a dark solid color or slightly patterned, so that it matches well with various tops.

2. Boss

Examples of smart casual tops are sweaters, henleys, button-ups, blouses, or body-fitting t-shirts. However, be careful when combining patterns and colors so that they suit your needs.

3. Dresses

You can choose dresses as casual, comfortable and professional clothing. The dress can be combined with low-heeled shoes and simple jewelry for a more formal look.

Meanwhile, for less formal situations, dresses can be paired with more stylish jewelry, denim jackets and casual footwear. For example, flat shoes or open-toed ones.

Smart casual is a clothing style that is suitable for various situations and conditions. Clothing choices with many variations allow for a comfortable, neat and pleasing appearance.

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